About Us


The UK Nightlife App LTD is a technology startup business founded on the South Coast of England, United Kingdom.

Our primary objective is to provide you with the ability to use the web and mobile app to find the best food, drink and entertainment venues in every Town/City in the UK. Upon selecting your city of interest, you will be able to locate the type of venue you desire. Also, to make this app stand out from all the rest, every business located around the UK that comes under the category of a restaurant/bar or nightclub is given the opportunity to directly manage their business page on the app. Each business pays a small monthly subscription to bring you the latest events, special offers or business information that you will need to plan a perfect night out!

Also, other businesses relating to the entertainment industry, is given the opportunity to market their products on the 'Business Advertising' page of the app.

Not only do you benefit from having all this information in one easy-to-use directory, but the businesses that use our app will save time and money on advertising and promotional materials. After all, it is all about smart phone technology and networking these days. Our aim is to link businesses to their target audience/market, and our users to their interest.

We believe the UK Nightlife App will stand out and appeal to many people and businesses in the entertainment industry.


We've done all this because we want to build something that simply connects people to the entertainment world. The idea is something we have put a lot of thought and planning into and we believe will offer a useful service to a lot of people and businesses in the entertainment industry. With its simplicity in design we have made it a painless process finding information on the venues you want to visit in the Town/City you are in!


UK Nightlife App was founded by a couple of regular guys who have a keen interest, and have spent a combined 17 years working in the entertainment industry. They also have a number of years experience working in IT programming and other technological fields before undertaking the design and building of the app. We thought that there was a real gap in the market for our product and it would offer a service required by both users and businesses.