App Guide

Home Screen

After opening the App you will be presented with this screen.
This function enables you to enter straight away into searching for your Venues then onto creating a Plan.
Create My Plan
This function enables the user to begin creating a Plan straight away.

Sharing Limit

Upon clicking on create my plan from home screen, this page advises the user of the message limit in characters before sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Primarily this is to warn the User prior to composing their message so that they know they cannot exceed the limit.

Facebook and Twitter sharing limit is 500 characters.

Choose City / Town

This screen allows you to enter your City / Town. As you start typing, you will automatically be presented with options to choose from.

Random Ads

On this screen are the options to view various advertisements produced by both Venues and associated Businesses. You also have the opportunity to ‘share’ these to Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the advert which then takes you through to the Advertisers page.

Advertising Space

This screen then gives you all the information including Images at the bottom which you can swipe through and enlarge. You can share this straight to Facebook or Twitter.

Sharing Random Ads

This how it views on both Facebook and Twitter once you have shared the Business’s Advertisement.

Select your Venue Type

You now have the option of choosing the type of Venue, you may tick one, two or all three! Then press continue once you have selected your choice.

Search Results

The App will now present you with all Venues that match your search criteria. Here you will be able to zoom in and move the map around and, by tapping on one of the markers, the venue details are loaded.

Viewing your Venue

Tapping on one of the markers loads the venue details. The top section shows the address, an image which the venue selects as the main image for the business, their website and phone number. The option to add the Venue to your plan is also available here.

The bottom shows that Venue’s offers/Posters that you can scroll through and enlarge and to the left of the images the Venue’s promo information about their deals and other events they have coming up.

You are able to add up to 5 Venues to any one plan.

Directions to Venue

The middle section loads directions from your current location to the venue. Either by walking or car.

Create Your Plan

Creating and editing a Plan is easy!

There are two ways to Create a Plan, either from the Home Screen by clicking the Create My Plan button, or by clicking Add this Venue to Plan option from the top of the Venue details page.

You can give your Plan a name, Start Date and Start Time, clicking ‘Add Plan’ then creates the plan as shown in these images. You can then continue to browse through Venues and adding them to your plan as you go by clicking ‘Add this Venue to Plan’ at the top of the Venue page as mentioned above and shown below.

Share Your Plan

Once you are happy with your plan, you can then share your plan to Facebook and Twitter, choosing which friends you wish to invite and even writing a message.

This screen allows you to select your current or previous Plan (maximum five plans are possible) and even Edit or Delete them. You are able to create up to five plans each with up to five venues.

Compose your Message

This screen allows you to compose your message before you share to Facebook or Twitter.

User ID

If you’re not already logged in, this screen will show to enable you to sign in. The App will remember you for 2 months before asking you to log in again.

Friend Selection

Now you can only share with friends on facebook who are already using the uk nightlife app.


If you’re not already logged in, this screen will show to enable you to sign in. The App will remember you for 2 months before asking you to log in again. On Facebook you can invite friends of facebook who are using the UK Nightlife App. On Twitter share is shown on your profile publicly.

Push Notifications

To further compliment the App, we have implemented a Push Notification Service.

Every Friday at 6pm GMT, the Notification will inform users with their current locations' Venues Offers within a 3 mile radius. The User can then click the message to see the deals and offers for that day like standard notification. The information is uploaded by the Venues or Businesses themselves as a Daily Promo Page.